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By guest, May 16 2016 05:20PM

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Jul 3 2016 03:49AM by Satan

The worse customer service my husband and our two years old mentally handicap son were in the Sand and surf gift shop last Sunday well my wife is very I'll since having our last child still born .our handicap son is so sweet and smiles at every one well we were in the store for about three hours because I left it up to our children to pick out what ended up being $300 worth suddenly a man and woman approached us and accused my beautiful son of stealing item's and changing price tag's I said you have to be kidding me I let them pick out my wife gifts but I never let them touch any item's and the woman said when she returned to us I just called the police so they can search the children so I then called the police and asked them to meet me at the store I wanted to press charges against the man who by this point was pushing my son saying hey retard give me back everything you stole well needless to say I pushed the man back as the police came up to where we were in the back of the store well I filed a report on the spot the police said that there was no need for them to search anyone then the officer said Jerry this song and dance of yours is getting old and the man yelled at me and my children get you and your retarded children out of my store my son started to cry And say daddy what about mommies gifts the police officer said Jerry you are going to wait on this man she stayed as the man rang up each item's and I said to the man you are not ringing up our item's as they are priced on the tag's the man replied because your little retard changed all these prices the police officer said Jerry fix every item as they are priced on the tag's so he finally rang every item up as priced the officer walked out to my car and I followed her to the station to make a complaint well the officer informed me what she witnessed when she arrived was violent abuse of a handicap child and emotional abuse and physical abuse with a real threat of physical abuse so my wife always used to say everything happens for a reason and I Sat silently as my children told their version of our adventure but as you might of guessed my children were big bad ninja's and took down the mean man because we were hoping all these gifts you would smile again because each gift we bought you was picked by the fact that each item would help you to remember all the good times with us and then maybe you would love us like you used to we all cried laughed smiled and cuddle for the rest of that day and everyday since so thank you God for putting just what I thought was another bump in the road so I decided to tell this story on here not just because I want the worst business owners in the retail but also before you shop at this store make sure you watch every item they Ring up but I have my family back so if that ment I had to cross paths with a couple assholes so be it xoxo thank you God Amen

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